Day to Day

Caring for a dog with a terminal illness is weird. Some days, he’s completely his old self and everything seems to be going great. Some days, he’s a bit slower and I’m second guessing every pant, movement, and wince. Today’s one of those second guessing days. Yesterday wasn’t; people were asking how he was doing, […]

A Party For a Dog

A couple weekends ago, we had a “Happy Trails, Mumford!” party for him at Lake Hollywood Park. This was a great opportunity just before the business of the holidays to gather his friends while he still feels well enough to play and visit. Lake Hollywood Park is an unofficial dog park in Los Angeles (in […]


Oh my goodness… it’s been a long (long) time since I’ve blogged. Probably about three years to be exact. **Where does the time go??** To those of you who somehow stumbled on here, I’m Katie – and I had the idea to start this blog for my dog, Mumford, in his last months with us. […]