Mumford’s Photo Shoot With Stacee Lianna Photography

The weekend that Mumford was diagnosed with his tumor, I immediately contacted my wonderful friend, Stacee Lianna of Stacee Lianna Photography. I knew that I wanted a shoot with him, and she would be the perfect person to have one.

It’s been almost 5 months, and I can’t imagine not having done this shoot with her. I was so fortunate that she had an opening that weekend in her special mini-sessions, which she only does once a year for the holidays. The photos she took I will cherish forever!

I had initially wanted to hold off on sharing these, as they were really just for me. They’re throughout my apartment, and I thought about sharing them after Mumford has passed on. But now – I want everyone to see them! Stacee is amazing and I just can’t thank her enough for this wonderful gift.

Visit her at and enjoy the gallery below. 🙂

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