Happy Trails, Mumford…

I’ve been putting off this post. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

On Sunday, April 2nd, Mumford passed away peacefully at home. Derek and I were at his side, and he fell asleep on our bed with the sounds of our favorite music in the background.

I would be remiss to not thank my network of support. My wonderful vet, Dr. Edgar Rodriguez at Portola Plaza Veterinary Hospital, who helped me feel at peace that it was time. Dr. Robyn from Gifts of Peace At Home Euthanasia in Pasadena for her kindness and compassion during the most difficult day.

To everyone who texted, emailed, called, listened to me, helped me through. I read every note and was grateful for every post. To my work family, who incredibly gave me the time the last week of Mumford’s life to be with him all week long until the end. I will be forever grateful for that most precious gift: time.

I plan on keeping this blog active for when I feel as if I can share more, in a healthy and not depressing matter. I’m sure memories will spark that will be shared here. And, Mumford’s eventual successor, when he or she comes into our family. Because I absolutely know that Mumford would want me to continue loving another pup.

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