Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

I’m happy to report that Mumford’s limp is pretty much gone today. Yay!

We’ve been hanging out most of this rainy day, trying to make it through cheesy holiday movies on Netflix. The one I’ve gotten the furthest so far is “The 12 Dates of Christmas.” It’s produced by ABC Family (**now Freeform**) so had the most promise, and actually came recommended from a friend… as far as you CAN recommend this type of movie.

Also, his prescription food is damn expensive! I feel for those of you pet parents who feed prescription food full time. A small bag of his I/D food cost the same amount as his normal large bag (of an also, expensive fancy food)… and only lasted two weeks. Sigh.

Thanks to my dear friend Victoria, who sent me some prints of photos I had taken of Mumford and me two days after his diagnosis, I now have some framed photos of him/us. That along with the painting I did of him, and the artwork friends have given me… my apartment does look like a shrine-to-Mumford. I’m okay with that.

He’s doing okay today, which is great. I’m so thankful he’s here for the holidays. It’s hard talking about next year, and being realistic that he **most likely** won’t be around. I was chatting with the boyfriend, who went home for Christmas, and his mom since I stayed behind and Mumford was one of the primary reasons, and it was suggested that next year I can go. And while that would be fun, the reality behind the **why** is tough. So, again, just trying to cherish every minute with my buddy I can.

I’m so thankful for all the supportive friends during this time who continually call, text, and check up on how he and I are doing. I’ve also gotten some fantastic advice for going through this process. As it all starts to play out, I’ll be sure to post it here.

I really hope this blog can help other pet “parents” who are facing similar situations, so please be sure to share with your friends.

I know this was really a non-update, but I think it’s important to chronicle how he’s doing and check in daily, so thanks for reading. 🙂

I’ll leave you now with some snaps I took a couple minutes ago of Mumford with me, just because. 🙂 Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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