“A Very Mumford Christmas” – A Recap

Happy Fourth Day of Christmas, everyone!

(Yes, I sure do celebrate all 12 days of Christmas. Just because the day, itself, is over, doesn’t mean I can’t keep eating Christmas cookies, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, and enjoying my lights!)

Mumford and I had a very nice weekend in Orange County. He’s always the hit of any event, of course – and my 18 month old niece and he are completely in love with each other.

I was so, so thankful that Mumford was here for the holidays, and tried to appreciate every moment. I’m so happy he could be here and that he seems happy and comfortable.

Yesterday, Mumford’s other best friend, Derek, arrived back home from Arizona. Sometimes I joke that Mumford is so happy when the three of us are together, I can picture him singing “we’re the three best friends that anyone could have!” I think he loves when his little “family” is together. Luna probably enjoyed our time in Orange County, leaving her alone.

Mumford’s also increasingly tolerant of Luna – although sometimes jealous when she curls up on my lap. She has taken to trying to eat his leftover food (something I consider Karma after he was continually eating HER food when she first arrived.) I know he hates it, but, he’s taken to leaving her alone and allowing her to snack on his (prescription, way too expensive, killing the bank right now) food. He is just the best.

We are wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and hope that your time was filled with family and fuzzy snuggles!

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