Sorry I’ve Been Away…

Sorry I’ve been away. Life has been kind of hectic post-holiday break. I meant to write last weekend, but it was pretty hectic and didn’t happen.

So, let’s see. Beginning of last week, Mumford’s ears were bothering him more than usual. I try to clean them pretty often, especially when they start to smell funky. He’s always seemed to have ear issues, so I try to keep the flare ups at bay. He was scratching more than usual, so I cleaned his ears. By Wednesday, they seemed really horrible – the worst I’d ever seen with him. Both were intensely bothering him. I went to work and made an appointment with our amazing vet on Saturday. By Thursday, the entire apartment smelled horrible! I was seriously worried about him.

Fast forward to Saturday. Turns out he had a raging double ear infection caused by what’s most likely an allergic reaction. When I was asked if he ever gets table scraps, I had to admit yes (of course he does – the dog has cancer, he can have whatever he wants!) They then asked if he could have gotten into old meat, or the garbage… my one “issue” I’ve ever had with Mumford is that he ALWAYS gets into the garbage. It’s my own fault for not taking it out enough!

So, he’s now on a strict prescription-food-only diet for the next month. Not a single treat or table scrap. Which was really hard to resist at the Starbucks drive thru tonight when the Barista asked if he’d like a Puppacchino. 🙁

The great news that came out of that appointment, however, was that my veterinarian seemed quite surprised – and very happy – that his tumor on his head has grown as little as it has! It’s grown slightly, but isn’t sensitive to the touch. A couple of the office staff remarked the same thing. So, this is great news!

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