Hello From Mumfordland!

Boy – I’ve had a huge list of things to write about when it comes to Mr. Mum, but just no time. But this weekend is a long weekend, so here I am!

Here’s the Cliffs Notes version…

– Got Mumford’s Wisdom Panel Results back – and boy are they not what I expected! Full blog post coming soon. (Ish.)

– I’m still working on developing my idea for donating blankets to shelters in the Burbank/Hollywood area. I have been crocheting away and almost have my 2nd blanket done. Also going to look into fleece blankets, if I should become a nonprofit to take donations, and enlisting the help of volunteer groups. It’s a large undertaking, so it’s going slow. Have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

– Mumford is still having good days and bad days, but they seem mostly good. He has a compromised immune system so he’s been picking up bugs when it rains which probably are causing his diarrhea most times, but the antibiotics help.

– He is still very happy and seems to not be in pain. 🙂

– Now that his double ear infection has cleared up, he seems to be able to hear again! Amazing!

Here’s a picture from Valentines day. His Auntie Krista made him a new bandana – which is reversible for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day!

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