Mumford’s Wisdom Panel Results

One of Mumford’s widely held nicknames is “Mumford the Wolf Corgi.” That’s because it’s one of the first things people think he is. In all honesty, it’s a rare day if I take him out in public and someone does not ask me, “Is that a corgi husky?” And I always respond with, “He’s a corgi-something.” The Downey Shelter said that he’s a Norwegian Eklhound-Corgi; much researching via friends got me thinking he was possibly Swedish Vallhund.

Every so often I would tell someone that’s what I thought he was, and they’d argue that it was wrong. Who the heck knows!?

I ordered the Wisdom Panel kit from Amazon Prime and it came the next day. I swabbed Mumford’s cheeks that night and dropped it in the mail the following morning. It was logged as received a week later, and my results came in 2 1/2 weeks. Total time was 3 1/2 weeks from sending the kit back in until receiving my results.

So… here come the Wisdom Panel results. Scroll down to see their take on what he is.

The above is a screen shot from Mumford’s final report. My initial shock: no corgi detected!? How can that be!? But, I read on…

German Shepherd: Not a surprise at all. His colored coat, his face and ears, and temperment are definitely that of a GSD
Lhasa Apso: This was very surprising to me, however, I have had a few people who are familiar with the breed say they absolutely see it – particularly in his short legs and the softness of his fur
Samoyed: This is the one that I can see the most easily. The body shape, the tail, and especially the face – definitely look like Mumford
Chihuahua: I don’t see Chihuahua at all. Additionally, the Chihuahua breed had a notation in the online report, “*Breed detected, however at a lower confidence.” This lends me to believe the Chihuahua was a false positive.

Something else interesting to note about the test is that 25% of Mumford is still considered “mixed breed.” So, while corgi didn’t show up in his testing, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Of course, this doesn’t “change” anything in how I view Mumford, but it was fun to test! I would be curious to re-test him to see if the Chihuahua shows up again or if Corgi is detected. If anything, when people ask his breed now, I will probably still give the short answer of “Corgi mix” because it’s just easiest. If asked “mixed with what?” (which I usually am) I’ll say German Shepherd/Samoyed. They are the easiest to account for his appearance, and without the Wisdom Panel, I would never have said GSD nor Samoyed.

I can see the Wisdom Panel being great information for someone to understand their dog’s personality traits and potential health issues. They also test for some genetic markers that could be helpful to a veterinarian.

Again, I’d love to run the test again just to see what it says, but I would definitely recommend it! To this day I would love to know what kind of dog my childhood dog, Maggie, was. Now I love that I can have that information for Mumford.

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